Here's the story. I have two computers. One of them is a pentium 4 dual boots linux (currently ubuntu, but i'm thinking about archlinux and opensuse) with windows xp. The other is intel i7, 6gb RAM, that runs windows 7. I do not want to touch the win 7 computer permanently (sorry, but i've stuffed up computers with linux in the past. I've also stuffed em up with windows though.). I am interested in running some CFD applications. Most of them run on linux. OK, i can install (well, having trouble there, but that's not the problem), run things on the linux box, but being 7 years old, it takes a while, If i could get the i7 computer to boot off the linux box somehow (not permanently changing the i7 comp. in any way though), it would be marvellous. I was also thinking sometimes about network booting it. Unfortunately, taking the HDD's out isn't an option, as for weird reasons, linux is spread over 2 IDE drives. My new comp. only has one IDE slot, and well, i really don't want to do that.