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    connecting a (FreeBSD) m0n0wall to a network?


    For the past few days I have been looking for a good firewall computer distro for linux and i found m0n0wall, now yes i know it is not Linux FreeBSD etc, so anyway, I have it up and running, but i was wondering how would i get it to work with my network, I am a computer admin for my schools network and we are running, 1 Mac OS X server, 20 Windows XP pro, and 20 mac OS X, so 1 server 40 clients. I am wondering how would i get the firewall computer to access the network, or how would i set it up, here is a layout of my network.

    also how can i get my traffic to go thought the firewall here is a lay out of it.

    *************** |
    *************** |
    ************** router
    **************/ \
    *****main server **wireless
    *********|********* /
    *********HP Ethernet Hub
    **************CAT.5 box
    Ethernet connections all over the school ( that has wires leading back in to the Cat.5 box)
    ******Routers in the rooms.

    where would m0n0wall fit in to this setup

    thank you for any help.

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    you would want it between the modem and the router, the easiest way to do this would be to have 2 NIC's in the firewall, one nic out to the modem, and one NIC into the router, you would have to forward traffic from the modem to the router

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    and then from the router it should be sent to the main server and wireless etc... thank you by the way.

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