Hello all.

Is there anyone who has a working dial up connection to America Online or Compuserve? I have tried both Peng 1.05 and Penggy .21 (Debian version) and they both quit after passing the authentication saying that it was unable to register P3 protocol functions (has AOL depcreated the p3 protocol? and switched to the flap protocol?). I looked at a lot of information on this but all of it seems to be out of date.

So basically, I'm desparate get my compuserve connection working and don't care what I do as long as it works. So if you have a working setup, could you please tell me what you used and if possible a copy of the configuration file (i.e. /etc/penggy/penggy.cfg). I'm running kernel 2.6.9-rc4. Thanks for any help.