I'm trying to do something with my debian lenny, but there
way. So far I have learned to set my laptop to
connection via bluetooth with the phone when I'm away (it himself
I used on the pda). Well, So far so good, but I have
something happened and I have not managed to find anything searching. From a
PC, PDA or similar, when you want to connect to the internet, you create the
Bluetooth link and then the connection with their corresponding
AT commands, etc (vwdial). but what if I want my linux box is the

I mean, I have a pc connected to a 3G or LAN module, and
this pc has a bluetooth module, I wondered how I could do
for this team to behave as a bluetooth and when setting
another system to connect through it, swallow the commands at
and you of connection to another computer (pda, etc.).. I searched for more, not
Nothing found :'(. thanks.