Hi All,

My home network is connected to the Internet via a Cayman 3397 router with which I have subnetted the usual network into eight smaller networks (i.e., .1.0, 1.32, etc.) The documentation is poor for the device I have but it seems that for each subnet I must define an "IP address" (i.e., not the network address) on the basis of which DHCP services can be provided e.g., for the network the network address is and the "IP address" is which appears to be an alias of

Here is my problem: when I use the Cayman DHCP a typical Linux host gets configured to be on the subnet has a broadcast address of and a (correct) netmask of (DNS servers and gateways are also correctly passed to the client by the router.) At this point what I would have expected was that the broadcast address be If I replace the Cayman with a Cisco router this is exactly what I get but unfortunately I must use the Cayman as my access router (owing to local telco contractual requirements)

Am I correct in assuming that there is a problem with the Cayman router DHCP service that is making the broadcast address "too wide" i.e., will an address of cause be broadcast domain collisions and similar ?