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    ssh password prompt


    I have the setup:

    several computers connected via wireless to my WRT54GL router,
    router connecting via wired network to the Internet.

    The problem is, that in order to get access to the Internet, my machine (here, the router) must be logged on to the firewall using ssh (ssh -T).

    Right now, I'm logging to my router from any machine using ssh and then from the router to the firewall. This works, but I need to have an active session from the computer to the router (to keep the session from router to the firewall).

    I cannot upload my key to the firewall (this is a campus setup, nothing I can do here), so every time I log from router to the firewall I need to enter the password.

    Any ideas how this can be done(keeping active session from router to the firewall without any computer running)? it is possible to add startup scripts to the router.

    Some ideas I have tried:

    -using nohup on the router: doesn't work because of the password prompt.
    -router is running on MIPS so there is no expect(1) available; I would rather not cross compile ssh (to add --password parameter) or expect.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Why dont you make your wireless router a access point instead of using it as routing medium?
    I am also using the same router WRT54GL but its only a accesspoint

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