I'm having a big problem with some network's configurations, and as the last resource I'm posting here to get help. (I'll try to write in English )

My custom configuration style is:

1 - GNU/Linux (bind, samba (PDC), dhcp, raid1, iptables) network server and gateway.
1 to 25(max) Windows domain clients

I'm pointing, for each windows user, the path for the "My Documents" folder to a samba share. Doing this Windows 2000/XP use the "File Syncronization" to maintain all the new files up to date on the server, at each login and/or logout.

Ok, this use to work just fine, but at some point last week that syncronization starts to fail for some files, .doc, .xls, .ppt, msn files etc...

Does anyone knows the reason, and the solution?
Any sugjestion or alternative? (I don't want to use the remote/roaming windows profiles)

I have the same problem on an Windows 2003 server network with Windows 2000/Xp terminals too.

Thanks in advance to all...