While I'm not entirely new to Linux I'm not well versed and what's worse is due to the nature of my day to day I don't have the luxury of continuing to attempt to setup SNMP without help.

Let me start by saying almost every job I've had SNMP was not allowed so I have no real drive time. To make things worse since my job requires both Windows and Linux support I've been spoiled rotten by windows servers (install service from disk. tweak 4 well documented text boxes matching settings in solarwindws. repeat for each Windows box).

Linux SNMP configuration seems a touch more complicated than Windows so I began reading man pages and tutorials. I'm normally a reasonably trainable human being, but either I'm not as bright as I hoped, or I'm just missing something in everything I've been reading.

I have RHEL 4.5 with net-snmp 5.12 (which I believe is SNMP version 1 and 2c compliant)

I have community strings and passwords that I have setup that I will also be setting in Solarwinds

I also have found this site below which gives me OID's (hopefully they are compatible) that I will need.

Here's what I don't know:

What things in snmp.conf relate to compared to those things that I set with windows and what is arbitrary (for instance is sec.name .. default name set to notConfigUser) something that need only link to some other line within snmp.conf or does it need to link to a user (sorry I really don't know squat about SNMP)

Where I need to put in the lines that contain all of the OID's I want to check against. Where/what to configure so that oriion sees the "Machine Type" as something Linux-eque rather than just "[Unknown]". How/where to properly set up the config so that I can get disk usage information from the machine

I also don't really understand how to get a full print out of what information I'm currently serving out of the snmp daemon when it runs.

I have tried set things up using the following config (names change to protect the guilty)

#assuming sec.name doesn't need to mach up to a real user and source should
#have both localhost and the Solarwinds server as the source
#which I'm probably *REALLY* wrong about
#and where community string is set to a matching value in the Solarwinds node
#just like I did for windows
# sec.nam source community
com2sec blahblah1 localhost bugbear
com2sec blahblah2 <solarwinds ip> bugbear

# groupName securityModel securityName
group dahBlah v2c blahblah1
group dahBlah v2c blahblah2

# name incl/excl subtree mask(optional)
view systemview incl .
view systemview incl .

# group context sec.model sec.level prefix read write notfi
access dahBlah "" any noauth exact systemview none none

The result of

snmpget -v 2c localhost . was
"Timeout: No Response from localhost"

I have a hole punched in iptables for snmp, and even went so far as to temporary stop the iptables daemon, but still that's what I was getting.

I have read a lot of pages about them, but I'm missing something because they still didn't make a whole lot of sense about how you put it all together. If someone is bored and could take the time to help me get to the point that I can understand what I'm being told by the documentation I would really appreciate it.