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    tc / QoS htb confusion & bandwidth limiting

    Hello to anyone interested,

    I've been spending a lot of time researching tc / iptables to dial in a few of my servers that are providing voice services. The iptables documentation seems to be fairly complete and I understand the bulk of it. My problem is with tc and more specifically using the htb qdisc to rate limit my connection. These servers are on a 100Mbit FastEthernet connection (true 100Mbit up and down) in a colo.

    The problem is I can't seem to get the htb limit to work. I've tried building my own, ive tried a bunch of public scripts (none of them seem to really work). Also the documentation I have been reading seem to be sparse, old, or end up using other methods with queue classes to provide bandwidth limiting.

    Does anyone have a complete in depth resource that explains how to use htb (or if its even the best method anymore) to limit bandwidth? I would like to test and limit everything to 128k then try downloading a large file and actually see it operate around 128k. Then bump it up to 256k, 512k, etc. and actually see xfer rates within a reasonable degree of that limit. Instead all my tests seem to hover there then shoots up to something like x2 to x10 the limit I had defined.

    Also any books anyone could recommend for linux QoS related to tc / iproute / iptables I would be greatful. Thanks in advance.

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    Hi chuckles

    If you still need book in this field I find the following book is very useful:

    Designing and Implementing Linux Firewalls and QoS using netfilter, iproute2, NAT, and L7-filter

    Good Luck

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