Hi Folks,
I have 2 machines both hosting Linux at home say MACH1 and MACH2.
MACH1 has 2 NIC's, MACH1 has single.
MACH1 is connected to Internet over one NIC say ETH1 and to MACH2 using ETH0..sort of local lan setup.
Scenario 1: to provide internet access to MACH2, i have enabled IP MASQUERADING on MACH1 so MACH2 could access internet normally...thats fine...

Scenario 2: Now the problem is that i want to access the MACH2 from internet....or like using single Gobal IP address (ETH1 of MACH1), i wish to access both MACH1 and MACH2 interchangebly????

any networking geek out thr