Hi All,

I am trying to set up policy based routing for multiple interfaces in the same subnet. Here is the scenario -

I have multiple interfaces on same subnet. I am using 'ip rules' to set up policy based routing with interface specific routing table. I am trying to add a default gw to these tables. 'Main' and 'Default' routing tables are empty. An attempt to add a default gw is resulting in following err:

RTNETLINK answers: No such process.

Routing tables looks something like this -


main table: empty

eth0tbl: routing table for eth0 dev eth0
default via dev eth0 ----> fails with above error

eth1tbl: routing table for eth1 dev eth1
default via dev eth1 ----> fails with above error

#ip rule
0: from all lookup local
2: from iif lo lookup eth0tbl
3: from all to iif eth0 lookup eth0tbl
4: from iif lo lookup eth1tbl
5: from all to iif eth1 lookup eth1tbl
32766: from all lookup main ----------> /* empty */
32767: from all lookup default ----------> /* empty */
Can anyone please point out to the problem and probable solution.