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    Home Network Question

    Let me start by saying, I'm not looking for a step-by-step answer to my question. It's just that I'm not really sure where to look for answers. If I can get pointed in the right direction that would be a great help.

    I have a home network with fios. The Verizon router has a DMZ that points to my Ubuntu box that I have set up as a router. On the other side of my ubuntu router I have an airport router for my home.

    Currently, my ubuntu router is also serving as a web server that hosts a couple of domains. I use zoneedit to make dynamic dns work. I have all this working so far.

    Verizon Modem/Router
    Ubuntu Router/Web Server (,,
    Apple Air Port Router
    Ubuntu Web Server (

    I have an additional server that sits behind the airport that I want to host I also want to be able to ssh into from the internet.

    What am I looking at for a solution here? I want all incoming http request for to be directed to Also, I want to be able to ssh into from the internet. If I could get pointed in the right direction I am happy to read up on it. Thanks for any assistance.

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    You need to know your external IP address, the one that your router and/or your ISP presents to the world.

    Normally you'd just configure a port forward from the router to your web server by its internal IP, the internal routers would take care of everything else.
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    I'm not sure this is possible. The box in the DMZ is exposed
    to the net. All incoming traffic comes here. The incoming
    port 80 requests for the first three domains are handled
    by Your apache server. It can serve three domains because
    the incoming http requests ask for those domains by name.

    I don't think you can send the requests for the fourth domain
    to another computer, because they too are on port 80.
    Routing will send port 80 traffic to one machine or another, not split
    it by the domain specified in the http request. Maybe apache has
    some advanced feature for this...

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    One way you could do this is to make the internal a secure connection at all times. Both Web and ssh. Then on your router you could point all incoming traffic for 443 and 22 (or what ever port you chose which would be wise to change) to redirect to the internal box. Now all traffic for port 80 would goto the box in the dmz and all port 443 and 22 would be sent to the internal box.

    Then on the dmz box you could setup a web redirect/refresh and have it use https so that if you forget to use the secure port you browser is automatically refreshed with the correct settings.

    This site might give you some ides on how to redirect.


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