Hello All,
First Thanks for viewing my Thread. I have 4 debian boxes networked together through a basic 5 port switch. I am trying to simulate 2 Local Area Networks joined together by a WAN. Right now I can communicate with A <--> B, B<----> C, C<----->D. However, I cannot communicate with Host A to Host D which is the whole point of this experiment. It has to be my static routing is not right. This is a confusing area to me. Right now my routes are

Host A
Destination ____Gateway ____Genmask ... Use Iface ____ ____255.255.255.0 ____eth0 ____10.0.62.249____ ____eth0

Host B ____10.0.63.250____ ____eth0 ____0.0.0.0 ____255.255.255.0 ____eth0 ____0.0.0.0 ____255.255.255.0 ____eth0

Host C ____ ____ eth0 ____0.0.0.0 ____255.255.255.0 ____ eth0 ____0.0.0.0 ____255.255.255.0 ____ eth0 ____10.0.63.249 ____255.255.255.0 ____ eth0 ____10.0.64.1 ____0.0.0.0 ____ eth0 -internet

Host D ____0.0.0.0 ____255.0.0.0 ____eth0 ____10.0.64.1 ____0.0.0.0 ____etho -internet

Can I leave the last 2 default routes in place so I can get to internet
or do I have to fully close this network down so it can fullfill experiment requirements. I have been using static routes
route add -net and i used route add default gw for host A and D
What am I doing wrong? Thanks so much again!

LAN1 10.0.62.X --------WAN 10.0.63.X ----------LAN2 10.0.64.X

Host A ____________________Host B
IP: ________ IP:
Mask: ________IP2:

Host C ____________________Host D
IP ____________IP:
IP2: ____________Mask