Hello all,

I am using different Linux distros, Ubuntu 8.04/9, SuSe 10.3/11.1, Fedora 9/10 and CentOS 5.3 and have the same issue with all of them.

My environment :

- 12 PCs all with gigabit NICs
- NAS : Dlink DNS-323 with 2 TB Seagate drives
- 8-port Gigabit Netgear switch

The Issue

Whenever I copy anything to or from the NAS to any of the PCs or from / to PC to another, the copy is painfully slow. I am talking about 1-2Mbps.

I have tried everything from stopping virus scanners to adjusting the MTU and JumboFrame. I have changed network cables. Nothing seems to work.

Any ideas ?