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    How to enable 2 networks on a Linux box for VPN pass-through?

    I'm trying to set up a way for me to VPN into ... my VPN router. What I mean by this is I want a PC on my home network to accept VPN connections (probably SSH) from the outside world, then use my permanent VPN router to connect in to a private network.

    The reason for this is that I don't have a VPN client to connect directly to the permanent VPN (which uses a proprietary VPN client) directly for various phone and portable devices, but most of my devices -do- have SSH client. We can use iPhones with the proprietary VPN but I and a number of colleagues are very interested in moving to either Android or Maemo.

    I haven't touched Linux networking in close to a decade. What I am wondering:

    1) Is Ubuntu an appropriate distribution for something like this or is there a better distro out there? I am putting this on a fairly old / slow laptop and it won't be running a GUI 99% of the time. Given how little this laptop will be doing (basically just accepting a VPN connection and then shuffling data to a 2nd network) it seems like any distro would work.

    2) How would I configure it so that both networks are up on the dual networked Linux device (called "Laptop w/2 NICs" in the graphic below) so that it can receive VPN (SSH) connections on NIC1 and use NIC2 as a Gateway?

    3) The easiest (by far) way for me to do this is to use a wired 100Mbs ethernet on 1 network and connect to the other via wifi (using a USB adapter). Both the "Home Router" (see the image link at the end of this post) and "VPN Router" can support both wired and wireless connections. Should I prefer wired on one over the other? I'm assuming I would want wired going to the "Home Router" so that network burps won't disconnect me completely, just shut down my connection to "VPN Router". I'll never be using a fast enough connection remotely for it to matter on the bandwidth side of this equation.

    This image gives a good idea of what I'm trying to do (I can't post images directly since I don't have 15 posts so please paste it manually):

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    Any canned HowTos or hints on this one? I'll go dive in on it if not, maybe it's not that hard.

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