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    firefox tunnelling issue

    This is an old post but its related so here goes.

    Here is the scenario... and any suggestions on a different way to do this would be equally welcomed.

    I've set up a linux box with hardy on it for users to use for accessing the bank website.

    What I've done is used the ssh protocol to remote into the linux box to access the banking website remotely from their computer but through a secure channel on a secured box.

    I used xming as the xwindows program on windows and firefox with ie addon on ubuntu to access the webpage via ssh.

    The problem seems to be that firefox doesn't work when attempting to upload files from a network share (or locally from the linux box) to the webpage.

    The 'open files' browser hangs or even doesn't show the folders when it comes up.

    With the network shares I used the cifs protocol to map the windows shares to the profiles. And I don't know if this is of any relevance but I've added the linux box to the domain using likewise-open and thus it authenticates with the active directory.

    I have not configured firefox to use the socks5 protocol because this would inconvenience the user. Instead I have written a script to streamline the ssh login and pull up firefox with a simple double click and entering of a network password which then brings up a firefox window that looks as if it were running natively on windows thanks to xming

    An alternative solution I tried but did not pan out was to use ie4linux but that hangs up the whole system. I've also tried chromium, which actually runs superb and even browses great, but does not have internet explorer compatibility which is needed for our banking website.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated since I've posted elsewhere and have not received any assistance yet.

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    In a field of improbabilities the most unlikely is usually the answer. Do the socks5 protocol thing for debugging purposes. The differences in operation will show the direction to go.

    Quit arguing the toss, it wastes time. Just do it, its faster, you'll also get to know much more about the issue anyway. Nothing to beat an eyeball.

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    Thanks for the reply Carsto.
    I was able to configure the hardy server to run chromium and load the ie webpage (and by the way chromium is super fast on linux and the 'open file' browser is as well)...the only problem is that chromium loads the page but a couple apps on the page didn't work because i was only masking the browser as ie with this command
    chromium-browser --user-agent="Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 6.0)"

    Since your suggestion I have configured the socks5 proxy and it works but I'm not sure if it provides the level of security that I'm looking for and thus whether its worth inconveniencing the user.

    What I'm concerned about is a keystroke virus or something similar. One of our sister agencies had a mishap where a user had obtained a keystroke virus and accessed the banking website....and well I'm sure you can guess the rest. We keep a clean network, but this is a failsafe I guess you could say.

    I understand how socks works, but other than creating an indirect route I'm not sure what purpose it serves. Essentially I was initially looking to access the banking site via linux to avoid the keystroke issue entirely.

    Am I correct in assuming that socks may not be the solution I'm looking for?

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    Happy to Help.

    You know more than I about socks right now. Maybe Windows is a good thing in that it forces us to address things like malware.

    My Win PC runs like this Aspire.
    App What From Why Linux D'loaded Fitted.
    Filseclab Firewall. Chinese Can see it all ?? No No
    Firefox Browse Mozilla Built-in/No Active X Yes Yes Yes
    Th'derbird E-mail Mozilla Built-in/No Active X Yes Yes Yes
    avast4Home Anti-virus avast Own update daily Yes Yes No
    Very good Does all
    Spybot Anti-virus Spybot All malware ?? No No
    Hand-run periodically/Tea-timers slows down
    Integrated Office Evermore Java based Yes Licenses Yes
    Win & Lin

    My Linux Aspire is shown on the right. I will duplicate the Win thing on that. Right now I am into the wonders of grub and company to get my Fedora 11 going in a neat way. Oh yes, this is free for home use with licenses for business - depending - go look.

    Reason I'm giving you this is that there are many things already written and available in both. You may be able to get your commercial rig going by using these while it gives you time to get the elegant solution just so.

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    My editing is not that good!

    From"My win PC..." it is done in columns. Tried to do a short-hand there. If you can cut & paste to space it properly you should make some sense out of it.

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    You might be right. We might just have to keep a closer eye on those computers that access the bank website. Thanks for following up on my post anyways! I was starting to lose faith in forums because I've had a similar post on the ubuntu forums for quite a while longer than this and still have received no replies.

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    Way to go. Happy to help. Only way to get Linux going.

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