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Thread: linux router

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    linux router

    I want to configure linux CentOS 5 as a router using iptable, any one can help me please
    Im new in linux so I need the steps to do that


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    You can use the program Firestarter to configure things for you. I wrote a tutorial recently that can be found in the articles section:

    Internet connection sharing in Linux. Linux article

    The ASCII is a bit messed up so beware!
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    Thanks for tutorial, I will read it carefully and return later

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    Hi again
    I'm read your tutorial, it's very good...
    but I have equation:

    you said :"Before we start setting up your firewall we need to set up your network devices. If you skip this section then chances are you will run into problems with Firestarter later. It's where most people's problems come from so I can't stress enough about not skipping this part of the tutorial"

    If I changing the devices after I setup the Firestater then do I need to setting up Firestater again

    thanks for your help

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    It depends. If you are changing the IP address of the internet side then no, Firestarter doesn't care about that

    If it's the local side then you need to make sure that the new IP address is still in the same subnet but doesn't fall between the maximum and minimum range that DHCP assigns.

    So for instance if you first set the IP address on the local side to be and the range to be between and then you can change the IP address to without any problems.

    Is that clear?
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    yes Kieren thats very clear

    thank you very much

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