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    [SOLVED] where network setting are saved

    Hello to the whole forum community
    I have a linux 2.6.9 based satellitar decoder and I would like to change network settings directly in the config file instead of using its remote control.
    Unfortunately in the canonical config file there is a value (hex) set at least one here ago by an old router, I'm not been able to find anywere the one currently in use.
    Anyone has an idea where else I could find it?

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    Its possible that the current network settings are directly set in runtime using ifconfig and not saved in any file. We can help better if you mention which Linux distribution your device (decoder) is based. Is it based on RHEL3.x/CentOS3.x ?

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    but in case are set in runtime I think they must be re-set after any reboot? or not ?
    I've no idea of which Linux distribution is, the device installs packages called 'images' (in my case Sifteam which in its turn is based on something other called Enigma1, that is probably the real distribution). Telnet welcome message shows only the kernel version. I don't know where else to find this information.
    Searching the file containing the IP address is very difficult because the available 'grep' command is not recursive.
    In any case thank you a lot for your help

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    You don't have any network folder or file inside /etc? It probably is not using anything like NetworkManager or Wicd.
    1. On redhat systems(I mean on distros based on it), network settings is in "/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/" look into ifcfg-* files.
    2. On slackware and mostly slack based distros its in file "/etc/rc.d/rc.inet1.conf".
    3. On debian and hence mostly on distros based on it the file is "/etc/network/interfaces"

    If its not based on any then you are on your own Try find command.

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    Thanks a lot, Svinoba
    case 3 (/etc/network/interfaces) is the right one
    Sorry for my incompetence

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    don't be sorry and there is no question of incompetence.
    you had a problem and you asked it and I am happy you got your answer from "svinoba".


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