Hi~ I've been having very strange problems on Firefox in Ubuntu 9.10 for a few weeks now.

I'll start with the strangest problem: I cannot access anything from fedoraproject.org and haven't been able to, except for a few minutes....once..... and it never came back. This was when these problems had already been happening and after several tries to reach Fedora's site.

Other problems are just as strange but not so bad or consistent: Pages sometimes seem to randomly not be found or they are found on the wrong server or something. After several minutes, though, they usually go away after refreshing the page.

One of the strange examples from the "not found" or error pages I got was when I tried reading Wikipedia.org and it told me it "could not be found on this server," but....the server and URL it listed were from Google.com! The address bar showed that it was trying to find the page on Google! No, I didn't copy and paste or type the address, I was in an already-working Wikipedia page that stopped working and thought it was on Google's servers! Isn't that weird? (I might have screenshots somewhere...)

Anyway, any ideas? I have tried creating new, empty profiles on Firefox, but they still cannot access Fedora's sites. LiveCDs work fine, though. Also, I copied and used a profile from my Laptop to here and it also cannot access it.

I even tried System > Administration > Network tools and tried Fedora's site in the Ping tab and it usually works just fine (sometimes it gets nothing, though).

Also, I'm not using wireless or dial-up.

By the way, I've only been using Linux a couple of months now, so sorry if I don't know stuff...

Thank you very much~!!! ^_^