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    Unhappy router wlan access point

    hi all.
    i have a old router on its last legs and im looking at setting up a atom system as a router and access point..
    now i have only used xp, server and windows 7. so im stuck as i cant get the setup to run right in windows and ive been trying to get it up and running for 3wks now.

    the system is a atom 330 with one internal nic and a pci nic both 1000mb. the system has 2gb of ram with a 1tb harddrive for the system..

    i was told unbuntu could do the job. that where im stuck, ive never used unbuntu before so to set this up im going to need gui and not command line, until i get used to unbuntu... im wanting to use vnc to login to the system

    im wanting to do the following with this system.
    1, firewall
    2, ip assigning
    3, wireless access point for my laptops.

    after i get all the above going i then will be looking a webserver, ftp and vpn

    any help would be great i really want to get this to work i dont like to give up on a project

    please please please please help

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    1. The Basic for the firewall and NAT is called iptables
    For easy configuration of that there several tools.
    To tell you the truth I don't know the tools ... but I know they exist ... I never used them.
    2. ip assigning ...
    You mean an DHCP Server ... you can choose several different ...
    Just write DHCP Server Linux and take one of the how-to
    3. WLAN ... master mode
    Since I am not allowed to post links ... you have to search with the words I give you ...

    The web server is called apache
    you will need mysql or mysql-l as well for many web applications.
    For VPN there are several applications called:
    OpenVPN - possilbe to log in from the Internet with an personal key and encryption.
    its also possible to create a tunnel between two locations
    OR theres tinc - for tunnels
    OR PPTP ... which works from all MS Computers but has none security ...

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    hi thanks for your reply.
    i need ftp so i can add and load docs from it remotly..

    what gui os should i use????????

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    You also need to make sure your wireless card supports master mode, which allows it to act as an AP.

    A router/firewall box is pretty basic stuff and any distro should do it.

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