Hi, new to Ubuntu. I think my OP system is actually Kubuntu. Have downloaded the following into the synapic package manager: ndis wrapper, vwdial, and gnome-ppp to help me determine install my modem driver.

Currently I think i have a Atheros 242 wireless adapter card. I ran "ScanModem" in the terminal window and it showed that I might have a useful modem entitled "snd_hd_intel." Also it indicated I had some blacklisted items. What does blacklisted mean or do? I entered all the correct information in under the Adminstriation/ Network, Dialup/ Properties area. Still it doesn't work.

I believe I have not identified my modem yet, and or I haven't configured it correctly yet. I went to HP to download somedrivers, but that don't unzip correctly.

I also did have a nVidia Corp MCp67 ethernet (rev a2) as a driver, and Express Adapter (rev1). I don't have wireless yet either, but I thought I would work on the modem first.

Any help would be great. thanks