I have 2 routers in my network, R1 and R2. R1 is doing BGP with ISP1 and R2 is doing BGP with ISP2. both R1 and R2 are advertising the exact same a.b.c.d/20 network to their neighbor on BGP.

This setup is working perfectly fine, people can reach machines and services inside our network regardless of what route they come in through.

The problem i have now is that R1 is now catering for a specific VLAN. now if a packet is destined for a machine on that VLAN but comes in through R2, then R2 does not know what to do with that packet since it is not connected to the VLAN.

this could probably be fixed by adding static routes, but I want this to happen dynamically so in the future, when introducing more vlans the routing table is updated automatically.

could this problem be fixed with iBGP or OSPF somehow? I am using Quagga routing software