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Haha, I look for real life reasons to expand my home network. But I can't take too long, if she gets tired of waiting for tech support, she'll just go buy an 1TB external HD for $150, and that will be a blow to my pride.
Yes, but then she won't become grouchy when you take the system down for maintenance... The alternative is to purchase a small NAS for your network and allocate a big bunch of space for her exclusive use. I have 2 Buffalo TeraStation NAS devices, one is about 5 years old w/ IDE drives and the other about 3 years w/ SATA drives. Neither one has had an ounce of trouble, though I had to update the OS on the newer one early on to fix a bug that caused occasional problems rebooting the unit. I found their tech support very competent and efficient as a result. They aren't the fastest puppies on the block (probably due to lack of RAM for disc cache), even with gigabit enet, but I don't mind giving up some speed for reliability.