Right, got Gentoo installed - took me a while... but I'm finally there

At the moment I'm emerging with a 20m CAT5 cable (ick) and so wanted to set up my Compaq WL110 (Orinoco) PCMCIA card to connect to my wireless router (cheapie Conexant router).

Now I know the card works in Linux. Used RedHat 9.2, card worked out of the box. I've been trawling around t'internet for the last week trying to find out what I'm doing wrong, but I have no idea!

Compiled the kernel as I should have (2.4.25) by not including the PCMCIA drivers from the Gentoo CD and then emerged pcmcia-cs. They're docking cards and listening fine. Don't get any gripes from the kernel about that.

Plugging in the wireless card the green light comes on. Looks hunky dory. Using the latest wireless tools from the portage treee that was updated about 2 days ago.

Now - my router is set up with the SSID as "conexant" and has a 128-bit encryption key. Using iwconfig, I've configured it to these settings as well as the correct channel at 11mbps. However running iwconfig over and over the card doesn't seem able to connect to the router at all. The link setting is still reporting 0/92.

Tried the router without the WEP key. Still no go.

Tried patching the driver (although not entirely sure whether I did this correctly - the system didn't seem to moan about it). Still no go.

It's beginning to get annoying because I know it can work, it just won't!

Does anyone have any suggestions of anything I can try? My dump from iwconfig can be seen here:

Really really really need someone's help!