We run Cisco ASAs across our department. I've been tasked with creating a LAN or configuration within which the developers can artificially limit/impede the bandwidth of certain connections, in order to best simulate a remote user experience.

We frequently have users that complain about issues that we cannot replicate - and our dev process is network-agnostic and assumes the other end is just as fast as ours (not a good idea, especially when you're streaming video).

I believe there are many ways to do this, both client and server side -- or a combination of thereof.

I would prefer to do so in a way that doesn't involve my responding to several tickets asking to reduce this line X bandwidth to this, etc. Though, I estimate 3 levels: dialup, dsl and cable -- anything faster than that is a non-issue. One point they asked about, which I think would be application-level is injecting artificial delays and interrupts to see how something performed.

What I see is an ASA (or other firewall) and 1 or more private RFC LANs behind that would be bandwidth limited on demand. That is, unless we don't find a client solution -- the problem being is we use Linux, Mac, Windows .. anything that can play or stream flash video, we'd be testing at one point or another.

Anyone have some experience with this?

Thank you in advance...