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    Userspace Ethernet packet queue.(Edit, Drop, Inject Ethernet packets)(Easy in windows

    I am a windows programmer. There I wrote a firewall and VPN System. It was easy.

    Simply, I USED WINPKFilter by

    What I need is to GET, Edit, and Send the raw Layer 2 packet before reaching to IP Stack.
    My friends were saying that linux is Ideal for Networking purposes. But for now I say that Linux is very bad in this field and I should say that windows is much better (I beg your pardon)

    After tens of hours for searching I got nothing good.

    The hook system of IPtables is not GOOD for me because it has not Ethernet header and also the packets are defragmented when I caught them.

    I tried ebtables but it has no user space queue like IPTABLES.

    What I exactly need is to be able to reach to the chain of raw Ethernet packets and be able to modify them and resend or inject some ethernet packet packet.

    I Dont Want to go inside the KERNEL. (As windows I want a userspcae library).

    Dear linux expert I beg your help. Do not let me turn back to windows.

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    I found from and old friend that


    can be used as this purpose. But the bad thing is that it needs addition of a virtual network card which I dont like.

    WinPKFILTER does not add any additional virtual network card.

    Also NetLink and ndiswrapper may be good. For now I dont know which is better.

    Any How Will you please help ?

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