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Thread: Networking

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    I have 4 Lan card on my machine and I have 3 dsl connection

    here's what I want this interface do


    eth0 = dial dsl1

    eth1 = dial dsl2

    eth2 = disregard the dsl3 for now

    eth3 = I want this to connect to the switch

    i have created dialer for this DSL using 'pppoesetup'
    and I was able to connect, now my problem is, even this both this connection
    that I created was able to connect eth0, eth1 and eth3 doesnt have any IP, how can I direct the internet connection from ppp0 and ppp1 go to eth3? and how can I do round robin of internet connection to be use?

    modem - -> server - -> switch - -> local pc

    BTW, I also created a bridge which is br0. I have fedora installed in my 64-bit machine, and this is the only problem that I have even the server doesnt have the intervet connection.

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    If you don't have a DHCP Server in your local network you will need to assign a fix IP to your local network.
    I assume you've added eth3 into the bridge.

    So you just need to start the bridge with a fix IP.
    Then I would suggest to install a DHCP Server on this computer which will manage the IPs in your network.

    The next thing you will need is iptables
    Here you can configure a NAT ... this also makes it possible for you to see how much traffic was send since the last "flush" of an rule ...

    Last you need too look into the route command ... this one controls the route of a package ... where it has to be sended ...

    Hope I gave you the words you need ...

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    I'll be putting up DHCP server on this machine, This machine has actually some old configuration that I copied from, it is perfectly working until it crashes and now I'm trying to rebuild it. Is it okay if I copy paste the frile from the old configuration to the new one like the /etc/sysconfig/ folder, from the old one to the new?

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    another question,

    this has been a problem to me, create a dialer using pppoe-setup

    eth1 as my ppp1 which will connect to the internet

    and I would like to redirect this internet connection to eth0

    I have created a bridge with a fix IP and put up iptables from the old iptables of this server

    and now my problem is it doesn't have any internet connection

    ifconfig only shows

    eth0 info with no IP
    eth1 info with no IP
    PPP1 connection which has an IP

    I already populated the dhcp.conf file with the info that I need that I also got from the old server

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