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    Change Mac Address

    I need to change my Mac address to be the same as another computer. My university for some reason only allows 2 computers per jack i think! and i have 3. for some reason when i plug my 3rd PC in i lose connection on my other two. i have a win 7 laptop and a Ubuntu laptop. I want to setup a small server since my school blocks all ports off campus i can't use it off campus but i want to use it on campus.

    My 3rd PC is a ubuntu Desktop is there a program i can use or a command i can use to spoof the mac address.

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    there is a command or at least tools that let you do it, i'm not sure what it is off hand, however would it not be easier to either
    1. configure the ubuntu pc with a second nic, plug one nic into the plug at campus and then use a firewall program like firestarter or iptables to share the network connection with the other nic, then plug the other nic into a hub or switch and the laptops into the switch
    2. get a linksys or netgear router and plug the internet port into the wall and your pcs into the switch on the router? that way on the outside you only have one mac address visible to the network but could theoretically have multiple machines on the inside

    p.s. i put this here as a disclaimer but you may want to check with the school before doing this just in case they frown uppon such practices and i dont want to provide advice that will get you in trouble with your school

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