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    connected to the internet but cant access

    hello all
    im using mandrake linux 2010.0 , and i connected my router cable (dlink) to the computer, and it detects without needing configuration to the 'eth0' and it shows me the ip the dns and gateway, everything ok, but then i go in firefox it says that i couldent connect because theres no internet connection,
    ive looked at the proxys the firewall, tried to uninstal the eth0, the ppp0 and install then again and still the same,
    does any one have an idea of what could be?
    im open to all coments
    thx regards

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    will your browser load a plain IP address?
    i.e. google (

    also post the output of a traceroute to google

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    No if I try to go in google it shows me in firefox that can't access the page,

    Can y tell me how to do the traceroute?

  4. $spacer_open
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    To traceroute, type this in a terminal (command prompt):

    ...and paste the output here.

    Also, I believe anolis meant to try the actual IP address in your browser. So instead of typing in firefox's URL bar, type

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    Do you have another computer you can test the connection with? Or a live CD? Silly question, is firefox in offline mode? Lastly, can you ping google?
    [you@yourbox ~]$ ping

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    Ok. If I type the google ip I can go to it, but if I try to search in google it says no connection, and I can ping
    but wen I try the tracerout in the command lime it says command not found can I type it in my home dir?
    By the way how do I stop with the ping?

    Sorry for the time delay , I followed asleep

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    sounds like you are having troubles connecting to your dns server,

    post the output of "cat /etc/resolv.conf "

    and "ifconfig"

    by the way i noticed that in my linux install traceroute was not installed by default, only the ipv6 version. getting it now, considering you cant resolve domain names would be difficult

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    To stop pinging, type control and x at the same time. That will kill almost any command line program. You'll have to install traceroute, which I think you would do with urpmi (I don't know about Mandriva).

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    By the way how do I stop with the ping?
    Simultaneously hold down the Cttl + C keys.
    You can set the number of packets: ping -c 4
    this sends 4 packets and stops.

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    The out put from cat /etc/resolv.confirm is

    # Dynamic resolv.conf(5) file for glibc resolver(3) generated by resolconf(8) 
    # do not edit this file by hand - your changes will be overwritten

    And from if config
    it gives me nothing

    $ if config
    Just that, is there a way to fix or configure the DNS server?

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