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    RJ45 Wan interface router.

    Hi, this is not so much a Linux problem, but i always get decent answer on Linux only forums.

    I'm looking for a router than has an RJ45 WAN interface, and at least 2 RJ45 LAN ports.
    It also needs to have WPA-AES capability and an SPI based firewall.

    i saw this one but was a bit concerned about the 3G 'tag' in its name. could i safely assume it will function as a normal router?

    if you have any other suggestions please say.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Have you looked at Linksys (Cisco)?


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    Thanks, I purchased the WRT54GL, its Linux Based and there are some custom firmwares for it, which is handy because I will need to setup a wireless bridge at some point.

    Thanks again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NiGhtMarEs0nWax View Post
    Thanks, I purchased the WRT54GL, its Linux Based and there are some custom firmwares for it, which is handy because I will need to setup a wireless bridge at some point.

    Thanks again.
    That's a great router with all kinds of flexibility. I have one currently in use and keep an extra one, new in the box, in storage so that I'll have one should they ever discontinue that model.

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    Yeh, I thought so too. :P

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    Possibly not all that helpful as I'm not going to suggest a firewall... (except the cisco asa5505 - but that's probably more than you want to spend.)

    Have to say, even as a Cisco fanboi, I'm seriously disappointed in the Cisco/Linksys devices. Especially when it comes to VoIP, they are a serious pain if I'm polite, negligently sub-standard if I'm not. If you are happy to take a Linksys and flash it with DD-WRT which is a community designed firmware, then they actually become useful. To me personally the Linksys firmware isn't consistant. I work for a VoIP provider, and if I somehow get dragged into a fault with a Linksys, I know that's half my day gone, with possibly a result where I tell the customer they are replacing their hardware. To me, that's a failure.

    On the other hand a ZyXEL NBG-417N device which if you put ntp on and syslog might crash every 24 hours because it can't handle that load will actually have an option for what you want to do and will actually do it. Sure it might crash, but will do what you told it. Again, that's my experience. Our supplier might have had a dodgy batch, or a bad firmware. I have been heard to refer to that device coming free with a packet of cornflakes.

    Drayteks - 2930n, kinda like them. They aren't perfect, and have their issues, but I know where I stand with them. You sometimes have to hunt around for the actual support / config information, but when you find it, it's pretty good. I have more experience with the 2820, and again my thoughts are coloured by that device. But... functionaility is there. For a home device with a GUI as the interface, it kinda keeps me satisfied. Might not have all the firewall options you want, but as a Network guy, I actually feel comfortable around them. They "speak" my language.

    Something I've been hearing good things about are Buffalo. I've yet to personally use one at home or work, but I'd certainly have a look at them.

    All of that experience is coloured by the fact I'm concerned about getting VoIP through them securely. That's multiple providers with multiple technologies. I probably haven't helped much, but... there was just so much love for the linksys, a series of devices that have caused me so much pain, I really couldn't not say something. Hope it helps in some way.

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    thanks, but in the end i just went with the linksys, i only need it to provide decent protection and serve as a router + have a couple of features on it. its nice to know that if the firmware fails i have the dd-wrt version to fall back on.

    Thanks for your input.

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