I'm a newbie but want to convert from Windows to Linux. I've been testing Suse's Live eval CD and also have Knoppix and Cobind too.

I'm really interested in using the old pc as a router idea FyberOptyx mentions, because I don;t want to mess around installing firmware on my Speedtouch 330 USB. Can anyone offer some advice on the following setup

New PC - HP t760 with 10/100 ethernet card Win XP home, Pentium 4 512 MB SDRAM, 120GB 7200rpm HDD and loads of other bells and whistles.

Old PC - 1.2Athlon, 125MB RAM, 1X40GB HDD, 1x30GB (storage).

Can I connect the Speedtouch into the old PC via USB, then use a crossover cable into the new PC Ethernet? Is that the easiest way to get Broaband up and running on SUSE? Would this approach also allow the new PC running SUSE to 'see' the old PCs hard disks (or would I need to set up the Linux equivalent of Windows' home networking?).

What's the best solution for me to run SUSE, my main need is to get internet, so I can eventually make a permanent move to Linux?