Hey there,

I have a remote site where I have to do very diverse stuff. I got the router set up with DynDNS. On the Router's subnet (with NAT) is my Linux-Box (mail and proxy). I've got the ssh-port forwarded to there. Over a second network card on the Linux-Box is the second subnet with fileservers, printers, desktops (xp) and a number of switches and stuff.

What would be the best way to create a generic tunnel through which I can also administer webinterfaces (which aren't usable with links or lynxs) or pass thru vnc.

I tried the following one with a named pipe (httppipe) but it seems to just work every second time and I wonder, if my way was correct or if there was a better one.

cat httppipe | nc -l -p 8000 | nc 80 >> httppipe
I got the port 8000 from the router forwarded to the Linux-Box which tunnels to the webinterface and sends the returned page back.

from Leipzig, Germany