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    Networking Problem

    Hi! Ok, here's my problem. I have a computer and a Xbox that i want to hook up to the same DSL connection. I connected my modem to a 4 port D-Link router, the router to a 16 port Linux Switch, and connected the conputer and Xbox to the Switch. It runs fine for 5 or so minutes, then the connection fails. Whats the problem? Thank you

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    wow, since we have so much information to work with...

    since it's a switch, it shouldnt be collisions....

    maybe you can give us some more information?

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    Ok, here's the updated problem. I called up a friend and he told me not to use the switch, just the router. He told me that the problem was that the router was assigning the same IP address to both the PC and Xbox, and its cancelling eachother out. Well, ive chaged the IP address to the Xbox and it still shuts off in 3-5 minutes...

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    still not enough information.

    What is the IP address of the linux machine?
    What is the IP address of the XBox?
    Is the IP provided to you by your DSL provider being NATted by your router?
    What type of router is it?
    Can you ping the XBox from the linux machine?
    Can you ping from the linux machine?
    Can you ping the router from the linux machine?
    Without at least a little information we will not be able to help you.


    I respectfully decline the invitation to join your delusion.

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