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    Thumbs down stuck with "tc" command

    hi everybody;

    i am working with "tc" command with the use of kernel 2.6.11
    this command is used for QoS (Quality of Service).

    i just want to know that, is there any kind of custom queuing available like cisco in linux....?
    or we can configure something like this, with the combination of different commands available.

    please reply, because i really stuck in this.

    thanks in advance.


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    I can recommend the book "Designing and Implementing Linux Firewalls and QoS" by Lucian Gheorghe and published by Packt Publishing.

    It has lots ands lots of examples of how to use tc that will fast-track your ability to implement QoS in Linux.


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    to read this book follow the link www dot securisite dot org/biblioteca/linux/Designing%20And%20Implementing%20Linux%20Firewalls %20And%20QoS%20(2006).pdf

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    Hi parth_ec447,

    please tell me more about what you want to do, maybe I can help you and what do you mean about cisco queue, give me some real-life examples and I'm sure we can find a solution.

    edit: i don't understand what is so different in cisco queue.


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    Unhappy Still finding way to come out from this "TC"

    hi everybody;

    i am very glad to see reply for the question.

    i already have that book but in that book, they more emphasis on bandwidth management.

    in cisco's custom queuing they allow 16 queues and for each and every queue, they can send some data and after that next queue's will turn to send the data.

    it is possible in linux with the comabinations of classful HTB queue and define different class and for that class i can use TBF. but for each and every queue, how i define that parameters that is very confusing....i read manual pages but dont get that much informations...also searched the internet...but don't get any help except here.

    if i am wrong then please correct me and also is there any other bettter way that i can use for custom queuing.....?

    i have another problem also, which is described below.

    i have one wan interface in linux and it's interface name is ppp0. now i want to put the ppp-negotiation packets, and link mentainence packets in the highest queue number 0 like cisco does,so these packets will not be dropped and it will serve first that queue and then other queue will be processed.

    when i apply SFQ algorithm to the Wan Interface then because of fairness ppp negotiation is working fine in heavy traffic also but when i apply prio queue, then some ppp negotiation packets are dropped and link will be please guide me how to detect about the ppp packets and how can i put those packets in highest queue.

    Thank you.


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