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Thread: Routing data

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    Routing data

    I have a firewall, this consists of three NIC's:

    eth0[] eth1[] and eth2[]
    I am trying to ping eth0 from eth2, but I am not able to succesfully get a response from pinging the device, I am using:

    ping -I eth2
    I have tried to insert routing data into the routing table, but it still doesn't work

    Any suggestions, it will be greatly appreciated.



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    No, that will not work. Your routing probably has an entry that says send everything for the network that belongs to to your eth2 device.

    So what purpose does this ping serve, rather what are you exactly trying?

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    Firewall: eth0[] eth1[] and eth2[]

    I have a pc connected to eth2 [], also I have a gateway connected to eth1[].

    I am trying to setup an internet connection, the firewall can easily get retrieve internet queries, however if I try to query a website on the computer[] behind eth2 on the firewall It does not work.

    I think this is due to the fact to when a query is routed to the firewall from the pc, it does not route to the eth2 to the gateway, so the query is invalid.

    Any suggestions, it will be greatly appreciated.




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