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    Trying to set up FTP server, computer doesn't get through

    Ok, been having this problem for several days. I have 2 Ubuntu computers connected through a D-Link router on the LAN. I have set up Filezilla on both. Here is the breakdown:

    Machine 1 has a fresh install of Karmic with all updates. Used Filezilla's Network Config Wizard. Selected all default choices (except to use outside site to figure out external IP) and it passed all the tests just fine. Ready to go.

    Machine 2: My main computer has Filezilla also installed, chose the same selections and cannot pass test. End says "Response: 503 Failure of data connection.
    Server sent unexpected reply.
    Connection closed"

    I have gone into the router to set up the Virtual Server for this computer with the appropriate ports open (21). Everything is as it should be. From the router page, each computer can ping each other just fine. Neither has firewall running. I even reset the router to factory settings in case there was something wonky in there. Same problem. Don't know why I'm trying to set port forwarding to this box when the other on did it straight out.

    Is something blocking box #2 from being seen? When I had an XP box also connected to the router, in Network Places the only thing that would show up is the router, never the Ubuntu box. Running Terminal Server Client I could get in and control the XP but never the other way around. Seems always something is blocking #2 from being seen and I'm at a loss what it could be.

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    Are your computers failing to talk to each other or
    is this a failure to access them from the outside.

    If it is from remote locations that you want to access
    an ftp server, do some searching about running ftp
    behind a nat router. Also understand that you can't
    port forward the same port to two servers.

    If your problem is strictly inside your own network, I don't know.

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