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    Wireless and wired networking conflict?

    In my garage I have connected two Linux machines to an old router just so I can ssh and do file transfers - no internet access. I have configured manual ip addresses for the wired network cards in each machine ( and, and lets call this old router connecting them router #3 ( No problem. I can ssh and do file transfers.

    For internet access I have wireless for each of the same machines and I'm using DHCP to assign ips for the wireless devices and i'm using WEP security. Also works fine.

    So I have internet access and I can simultaneously ssh BUT what I cant figure out is this:

    When the wired connections are disabled/unplugged I can ping my wireless routers or I can use firefox to get the router configurations:

    router #1 (the "primary" router connected to my isp, LAN ip is and DHCP server enabled), and router #2 (a "secondary" router i'm using as a wireless access point, LAN ip DHCP disabled).

    Then when I activate the wired connection for the two machines through router #3 (, and not connected to the other LAN) I can no longer ping the wireless routers or get the config pages.

    Why the !$*% does that happen??? I'm just not knowledgeable enough about this networking stuff - what am I missing???

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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