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    Quick question: How do I input the WEP of the network I'm trying to connect to?

    On Knoppix 3.9 (I know, very outdated)
    Connected to a wired network and trying to get internet access. I did an ifconfig and set the IP, Subnet, etc.

    I noticed that what I was doing was completely unrelated to actually connecting to the network. I know the SSID and WEP of the network, as it's my home net. ifconfig only addresses the interface's config (ip, sub, dns, mac, etc.). So how would I go about actually establishing the connection to the network? I failed to find a gui-driven network config utility built into Knoppix.

    Huh. just had a the SSID and WEP even matter when wired?


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    Trusted Penguin Irithori's Avatar
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    No, they do not.

    Due to the age of Knoppix 3.9 it will probably lack the support for the wlan hardware anyhow.
    Also, I dont believe there was a gui for wireleless back then.

    And in fact, I would prefer a wired connection over a WEP wlan connection.
    You know, that WEP is broken? Shut it down
    You must always face the curtain with a bow.

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    i agree, knoppix 3.9 is nearly 5 years old, it do you even know whether or not your wireless card is detected?

    you should get latest knoppix, it should just work out of box for many chipsets


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