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Thread: NFS With Samba

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    NFS With Samba

    Can I share an NFS mount with samba?


    ServerA has an NFS Mount to ServerB at mount point /home/qlogger/logs

    I can cd to /home/qlogger/logs on ServerA and see the contents as they would be on ServerB (NFS Working with proper permissions rw).

    I have a samba share setup on ServerA to share the NFS Mounted Directory (/home/qlogger/logs)

    I connect with my windows host and am able to view the files and folders. I can create folders just fine however; when I go to copy a file from the windows machine to the samba share I receive a message saying the file is locked.

    I have disabled oplocks in samba and the problem still persists.

    Any suggestions?

    Please and thank you!

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    hi and welcome.

    Yes, I have a suggestion: Donīt re-export a network-filesystem
    That is just asking for trouble.
    It is a fragile setup: you depend on 2 servers to work, not just one
    And it introduces unneeded complexity, as you already experience

    I would
    a) mount the nfs from windows (can be done, althought the windows Services for Unix SFU is a bit odd, imho)
    b) This is about logs? Standard logs maybe?
    Then I would go for rsyslog and phplogcon
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