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    NFS server serving 3 subnets and routing?

    Hi there,
    Many thanks in advance for any hints regarding the following setup:

    I have one main subnet with a defaultrouter connected to the internet. I have an NFS server on that network. Everything is working as desired and machines are able to see each other and access the internet.

    Now, I would like to add two more interfaces to the NFS server (running Slackware Linux), each on its own different subnet, say and The clients on those new subnets should also be able to access the internet (through the router Any hints how to setup routing? Do I need any additional hardware router in between, or just a software configuration on the NFS server?

    On a side note I have VLAN capable switches (couple of ProCurve 1800-24G) and would like to separate the three subnets using VLANs instead of using three separate switches. This shouldn't be a problem I think.

    Many thanks for your help!

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    Your server needs to run Network Address Translation
    also known as Masquerade This is done by setting
    iptables rules. I wasn't sure if you could do this for
    two subnets, but found a discussion of it.

    dhcp server with two subnets

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