I have two nics, both nics are dual ports and I have bonded both ports of each nic. I have xen and have configured the bond0 for xenbr 0 and bond1 for xenbr1.

I am able to ping domu from dom0 and dom0 from domu. I am also able to access from dom0/domu other systems on the same subnet as dom0;

However I am having trouble the other way round: I cannot get a ping response from domu when ping is send from other system on the same subnet of dom0.

Is like when my system sends out a ping to domu ip address; dom0 is not accepting the traffic on domu behalf.

I have already disable firewall (Iptables)

dom0: /16
domu: /16
other system: /16

Is there some routing which I am missing?

Thanks in advance.