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    Quote Originally Posted by Kloschüssel View Post
    Well .. the next step would be to restore the old routing and check the iptables. As you recognized there are multiple points of failure, but a good start is to set one thing after the other up.

    My approach would be:
    * get lan working
    * make sure lan can reach the sme
    * make sure sme can reach lan
    * get wan working
    * make sure sme can reach wan
    * make sure lan can reach wan
    * make sure wan can reach sme
    * get port forwarding settled (virtual servers in the lan, reachable from wan through sme)
    * secure the wan interface of the sme with iptable rules, fail2ban, ..

    There are lots of things to learn about route, ifconfig, network devices, iptables and so forth. Have fun with it, I wish you a happy bash-ing.

    Thank you. I really have much to learn, should be fun

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    Well it is the Computer, something to do with the hardware/motherboard. I have tried a couple of distros and the same thing. They should work, they have worked in the past on other computers. But for this one computer it doesn't want to work, which I find strange.

    So I am just going to settle for a server, minus the gateway, until I can get a hold of some old computer or maybe even find one on the road side. I might just add it as a gateway/firewall only and keep the server one as is, which is running ClearOS and so far I like it.

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