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    VPN & Disconnects.

    Is there a way to stop net access if a vpn is disconnected? I will be using a vpn for all my internet access on a specific machine, but if the connection is dropped, I don't want that box to continue to have access to the net until the vpn is re-established.

    is this possible?

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    Yes this is possible, we are VPN service provider running business as TUVPN, we have tested this with the use of a firewall sygate, unfortunately this is kind of very old software and works well with 32 bit operating system, they are now part of nortorn group so don't think they are doing any latest release of this firewall. anyway if you're using 32 bit windows O/S you can have a look at our tutorial to allow only VPN connection traffic.

    www(dot)tuvpn(dot)com/secure-vpn.php/how-to-block-all-outgoing-internet-traffic-when-my-vpn%C2%A0connection-%28openvpn-or-pptp%29-goes-down-%28so,-how-to-make-sure-that-all-outgoing-internet-traffic-goes-just-over-vpn%29/263?ln=en]Allow VPN traffic only

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    Assuming that the client system is Linux then that is probably going to be automatic as it is the ip routing tables set up (see the route command) by the VPN client that determines where your computer looks for things like a gateway, dns, netmask, etc. However, if shutting down the VPN client resets it to a default, then you will have to do something to disable the normal network routing, which is possible, probably not difficult, but since I've only started playing with VPN's on Linux lately I'm not the best resource to tell you precisely how to do that in a seamless fashion.
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