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    Newbie needing answers to basic questions...

    Hi I have been lurking for a while but now I am attempting to install a linksys wpc11 card on slackware 10 (the box is an xp-slack dual boot) and have some questions, but keep in mind that I am very new to linux and get confused easily

    Here is the site with the driver that I am using:
    Here are the release notes:

    I am following the directions in the release notes, but I am stuck. Would someone please explain the following:

    Configured kernel source code for the kernel you are running.
    Ideally, this will be the resulting tree after building your own
    kernel. Configured means that you have at least run 'make config',
    'make menuconfig', or 'make xconfig'. If you are trying to build
    linux-wlan-ng for a previously existing kernel binary (one you did
    not build yourself), look for help on the mailing lists because it
    can be tricky. I always run against kernels I've built myself, so I'm
    not much help in this area.
    - The good David Leffler identified that if you are having difficulty
    with *_netlink_* symbols, you may have a problem with 'make clean' in
    the kernel tree. Do a 'make mrproper' followed by 'make config'
    and the rest of the kernel build process. 'make mrproper' does
    a more thorough cleaning of the kernel tree. For more info, look
    for David's comments in the linux-wlan-user mailing list.
    - If you are building a driver for a PCMCIA card, you will also need
    the configured PCMCIA source code for the pcmcia_cs subsystem you
    are currently running.
    - Note that AVS does not test with the kernel pcmcia support code,
    we _always_ use the pcmcia-cs package with kernel pcmcia
    completely disabled. CAREFUL: it is very easy to accidentally
    enable the kernel pcmcia code, if you select _any_ of the
    individual pcmcia devices in the various kernel config submenus,
    kernel pcmcia will be selected.

    I know that this may be a bit ambitious for a newbie, but hey it's worth a try. Thanks for your help.

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    all that is saying is that you should recompile the kernel for your specific system, and if you don't, it may be quite a bit trickier to install the driver..

    for a kernel compilation tutorial, google for this string:
    Code: kernel tutorial
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    Thanks I will try that and come back if I need any additional help

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    I havn't had a chance to work for a long time as I have had quite a bit of school work and other things going on, but what specifically do I add to the kernel? Ive got the kernel configuring gui up, but what do I do now? confused

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