Hello all

I have compiled RTC as a module and built the kernel from sources.
When I grep CONFIG_RTC /usr/src/linux.config it gives
After nistnet installation I got this message
# depmod -a

and then

# ./Load.Nistnet
ERROR: Module rtc does not exist in /proc/modules
Couldn't find rtc module - /dev/rtc will be mostly
unusable after running nistnet. Sorry about that....
To prevent this message, recompile rtc
(Enhanced Real Time Clock Support, under
character devices) as a module.
nistnet module installed successfully

However when I set up delay or bandwidth parameters I see that the ping stops working.
How do I resolve this?

The command: cat /proc/interrupts shows 0 interrupts for irq 8.
I can see this is a problem, but I don't know why this happens, and neither
how to fix it...
I passed hpet=disable to the kernel boot parameter and still I see the same issue. Can anybody help. The drop packet option seems to be working. When I select bandwidth or delay option ping commands between the src and dest stops working and I see that the queue length keeps on increasing when I set up the delay option.
If anyone has a working configuration for Linux RHEL4 WS please email me the config options. My kernel version is 2.6.9