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    Two subnets can't talk to each other? My Linux firewall question...

    I have a firewall between two different subnets. The reason for the second subnet within the internal network is because I have a mail server that I want to protect. However, we need to make sure that the mail server can communicate with the internal network as well.

    Mail server is
    Firewall is and (and its gateway is to the router)

    I go to another workstation and ping the mail server. I can't. It times out.

    I do the same from the mail server. It times out as well.

    What am I doing wrong?

    I'm a iptables newbie, so be gentle. Yes, I have read the docs, but would appreciate a little assist.


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    most likely, you need to add a route on the router to tell it how to get to the other network

    you will use route command to do this

    how to do this at bootup/network iface up will depend on the distro, but you can manually do it at any time with the command above (as root or with sudo)

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