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    What's the speed of different browsers (on linux) for you?

    With me, chrome and chromium tend to finish loading/rendering (whatever measures) the pages usually in less than 5 seconds. All the other browsers, in contrast, will take usually at least twice that time, and it's not uncommon to take up to 30 seconds for something that chrome/chromium didn't take 10 seconds. (My connection speed is ~4 MB/s)

    By "all other browsers" I mean mainly opera and iceweasel (I assume that other gecko-based browsers like iceape and kazehakase would fare similarly), because konqueror, arora, midori, and netsurf will do even worse. I didn't test text browsers.

    Is that the usual pattern for everyone, or I must have something wrong on my setup?

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    I haven't run Opera or Konqueror in a long while as Firefox is sufficiently fast enough for me. The fastest browser I've found is Links-graphics. I really like Google-Chrome and it seems faster for me than Firefox but is lacking in important ways for me to use it right now. I'm sure they'll get things moving along nicely in the next few releases.
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    Perhaps you don't know, but chrome and chromium already have firefox-like add-ons available. Of course not all of them, but quite many, I think. And better yet, you don't need to restart the browser after you install them.

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