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    Does my perfect router exist?

    Ive exhasted most other options so...
    I thought it would be pretty simple to replace my spegitti juntion of a network with a single router.

    I need.
    1 fairly good router with:
    1 wan port.
    1 voip port
    BT client
    1 port for sharing storage to window and linux.

    I would like
    good possiblely N class wireless.
    some QoS
    another voip port
    usb2 power support or internal storage.
    fast nas access.
    media player with hdmi port(hey lets go the whole hog

    its the last 3 options on my Need list that cause problems, I can only find two, ANY suggestion would be very welcome.

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    yes, it does. build your pc that includes all this stuff and you're settled.

    alright, let's get serious. I, for instance, got a Asus WL500GP v1 that works as router and a atom 330 based computer with 4,5tb raid, ION chipset and xbmc media center on it.

    the asus is JUST A ROUTER, nothing else and the other is a computer that stands just there being a server for all kind of services and media center directly attached to a 52' hd-tv. overall both devices consume about 65W during high load and thus can stay powered on 24/7.

    now to the realistic part why I'm saying all this ...

    you won't probably get these two things to work on a small router device:

    - BT
    - media player

    the main problem is, that most routers do not have the hardware requirements to do BT and such as that requires often lots of ram and fast graphic card chipsets for the hd media.

    anyway, you might choose "OpenWRT" (or a derivative) to be your router software. that is the most configurable and customizable router software I know of. then you will have to find a hardware that is supported by OpenWRT and suits best your needs: look here, flash that device and you're settled for the router. the media server stuff would in my idea be a different device - after all it makes not much sense to have the router do anything. for me a router is just a device that does provide all kind of services related to internet and file-/media-/allkind-servers are different devices cause a router device doesn't rely on them to be powered on.

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