Hi there people,

First of all, This is my 1st post and I'm a bit confused with something about OpenVPN which rules,, I have installed on my router, and at my NOC, works like a charm.

I'd like to ask a question divided in parts.

My setup

* OpenVPN 2.0.9 on CentOS (Virtualized on VMWare on W2k3 Server) with static IP (8.12.x.xxx) netmask Gateway 8.12.x.145
* Bridged mode setup and 3 public static, valid IPs assigned to clients (WinXP), which use "edirect-gateway" parameter; this is working . as described by me on this youtube video here
* Server is also running on a public static IP.

What I want to acomplish:

behind the winxp clients there are Quintum gateways which I'd like to get those public IPs assigned instead of to the XP machines themselves, I'm no network expert, when it comes to routing, but I know some things and it sounds to me as I could instead try a routed setup using 10.8.x.x IPs, then bridge the OpenVPN TAP device to the LAN connection and assign the publc IP to the gateway manually, (which I've already done), confused?, me too., but you're the gurus and that's why I come to the source.

I think I could do as mentioned before, but I don't know that much about routing to carry on with that part, I'm stuck there, I think, I could add.

route "8.12.x.x" or
route "8.12.x.x 8.12.x.145"

But I don't know if it'd work, and If I should push that to the clients (put this on the server.conf or client.conf file).

VPN connects, and I'm able to ping 10.8.x.x machines but I have attached the quintum to the LAN card of my Internet connectd PC, which has two NICs 1 for Internet and one bridged to the TUN/TAP OpenVPN device. Also I assigned a public IP to the quintum with the netmask and the gateway, but I'm not able to ping neother the 10.8.x.x nor 8.12.x.x networks. I know it's routing related issue but I don't knwo how to solve it.

For now as I said the server is assigning public addresses to the clients, but I don't know if it'd be better for me to install OpenVPN on the Windows machine directly and bridge OpenVPN device to the NIC that has the public IPs and assign these to the clients, or should I do it routed mode.

So how could I make this work, DO I need to add routes to server and client so they know where to route each others packets?.

If you need some more info please ask.

Any advise might be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much