My idea is to:-
  1. load balance 2 of the Ethernet ports for wan
  2. Use 1 of the Ethernet ports for connecting all public servers on my LAN. Would prefer not using pound unless advised otherwise! []
  3. Use the last 1 Ethernet port for connecting all clients on my LAN. []
  4. Use the wireless card for wifi access. []
  5. Have a functional asterisk server since I have the digium card.
  6. Be able to provide remote dial-in services via the telephone modem.
  7. Use DNSMasq since my network would contain less than 400 nodes.

Now these are my problems:-
  • Setting up a functional routing table with load balancing on the 2 wan ports.
  • Successfully connecting from a computer to the internet on the network!
  • Successfully setting up and connecting from a laptop to the internet on the network!
  • Do I really need firewall rules since routers/ gateways never route private addresses?
  • Which package is good for remote access dial-in? I haven't yet been able to figure out which!
  • Successfully setting up the asterisk server! I can install asterisk using aptitude but something is wrong!
  • Setting up dhcp for only the and the network!

N.B I have another server on my home network to provide DNS using bind. I just need a simple load balancing in-ward / out-ward router running Ubuntu server 10.4. No fancy stuff!